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Veterinary Ex-Demo Equipment

SonoScape A6V & 2 Probes

Black and white, entry level scanner for general imaging

Saving £2,000

SonoScape S2V & 2 Probes

Colour Doppler, mid-range scanner ideal for first opinion practice

Saving £1,500

SonoScape S8V

Advanced image quality and a wide range of functions including colour doppler

Saving £4,000

SonoScape S8 EXP

High definition image quality and quick processing times for more advanced practitioners

Saving £2,000

SonoScape S9 Pro

Referral level portable ultrasound for advanced cardiac and abdominal imaging

Saving £2,700

SonoScape Probes

A range of probes saving up to £700

ASA Class IV Laser - MLS Orange

For pain management and wound healing

Saving £1,900

Refurbished AGFA CR30-X

Digital X-ray processor installed in over 600 UK veterinary practices

Saving £5,000 compared to new

Healthcare Ex-Demo Equipment

Celtic SMR

Frederick House
Hayston View
SA73 1LD

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