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Therapeutic Laser

MLS Class 4 laser therapy is used extensively in small animal practice to treat a wide range of inflammatory and painful conditions, as well as stimulate wound healing in companion animals and exotics. It can be used as an effective alternative or to compliment NSAIDs.


The small animal range of SonoScape ultrasound scanners incorporate the latest technology with ergonomic design for user friendly, fast workflows. The systems provide outstanding image resolution and functionality, enabling diagnosis of the subtlest pathology, and with their robust build quality are exceptional value for busy small animal clinics.

Digital X-ray Equipment

With a range of CR and DR options to suit all budgets, we can find the right x-ray system for your practice. AGFA leads the way in x-ray technology, and we can offer the latest DR 14s to those practices looking to invest in DR. Our best seller is the AGFA CR15x, which in side by side comparisons with competitor systems, 8 out of 10 vets prefer.


The meX range of high frequency (HF) portable X-ray generators, incorporates the latest high frequency generator technology, providing high power outputs with precision imaging, ideal for small animal practice.

The Nova range of HF X-ray generators is the most popular range of static generators with over 250 installations in UK vet practices, offering major advances in performance at an affordable price. The units are fully compatible with CR and DR systems, and are used in universities, referral centres and general practices throughout the UK.

Dental Radiography

Celtic SMR provides a range of the latest dental imaging technologies to suit your practice requirements and budget. Both CR and DR options are available along with high frequency generators to ensure you are getting the best quality images in order to offer optimal dental care. 

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