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Nomad Pro 2

The Nomad Pro 2 hand held dental X-ray unit is a fast and safe system that produces excellent diagnostic dental radiographs. The dental radiography unit has a lightweight and cordless design with an enhanced user interface, pre-sets and programmable exposure settings which improve the speed, convenience and efficiency of dental radiography.

Fire CR

This compact dental CR system provides high-resolution images (14.3 lp/mm) to help veterinary dentists diagnose the early signs of dental disease. The fast-read times, from 4.1 secs, speed workflow and the examination of the whole dental arcade can be achieved in a few minutes when periodontal disease is suspected. There is a range of intraoral plates to image individual teeth, or larger plates to image several teeth on the same exposure.

Xios XG Supreme Dental DR

The Xios XG Supreme sensor provides high definition dental images in seconds with its unique dynamic image enhancer, giving you high resolution dental images for your veterinary dentistry needs first time, every time.

Best-X-DC Wall/Trolley Mounted Generator

The Best-X-DC dental x-ray generator is available in a flexible wall arm or mobile stand configuration. 

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