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We've been at the forefront of veterinary radiographic equipment supply for over 30 years. Our extensive Catalogue is complimented by our excellent technical support and knowledge.

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Celtic SMR's philosophy is to provide the best technology to fulfill its customers needs,and maintain the systems with a high level of engineering expertise.

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CelticSMR ltd have an active export department. With FedEx Express we are able to offer 24hr-48hr door to door delivery to most major destinations.

MLS Laser Therapy

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ASA Laser Europe's longest established laser company has just launched the MLS Class 4 therapeutic laser system for companion animals, exotics and equines in the UK. To see the effective analgesic, anti inflammatory and wound healing benefits therapeutic laser can bring to your patients call CelticSMR on 0800 279 9050 and book a 2 week free trial.

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Therapeutic laser is extensively used in veterinary practice in the US and Europe, and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Therapeutic laser is seen as an effective alternative to NSAIDs.

Many clients prefer its use on their pet as there are no side effects and the anti inflammatory and analgesic benefits are quickly seen.

Due to its analgesic and anti inflammatory effects a wide range of conditions can be treated including osteoarthritis, muscle  inflammation, dermatological conditions that involve inflammation eg lick granulomas, otitis etc. Laser also accelerates wound healing, so can be used post op to aid healing and is frequently used in  painful conditions such as cruciate repair and disc laminectomy

Practices benefit with increased client contact and greater revenue streams. After the initial veterinary diagnosis, routine therapy is generally carried out by nursing staff.

CelticSMR have developed a full CPD programme to ensure laser equipment is used optimally and safely by all members of the nursing team.

ASA Laser provide a 25watt and 75 watt system for the veterinary market.  

To see the effective analgesic, anti inflammatory and wound healing benefits therapeutic laser can bring to your patients call CelticSMR on 0800 279 9050 and book a 2 week free trial.

Agfa Digital Healthcare

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AGFA CR15X is the new, more compact version of the hugely successful CR30X. This is a smaller, lower cost system, but has the same high performance software ( MUSICA 2 Vet Specific and NX3) and image quality as the larger version. Manufactured to Agfa high standards with the latest technology, ensure trouble free performance and greater longevity.  The CR15X also comes with a dental plate, so routine dentals can be screened easily for periodontal disease.

  • AGFA CR15X Digital Processor including Musica 2 Veterinary Specific software
  • 19" DICOM Monitor
  • Dental Cassette
  • 18 x 24, 24 x 30, 35 x 43 cassettes
  • 12 months warranty

Dental Cassette: The AGFA system comes with a dental cassette which includes a range of dental plates -  2cm x 3cm (periapical), 4cm x 4cm, 3cm x 5cm, 6cm x 7cm (occlusal), 8cm x 10cm (turbinates). This facilitates periodontal disease screening producing excellent images within 60 seconds. 

Cr 30 (1)AGFA CR30X Over 550 CR30X installations in UK vet practices - find out why the Agfa CR30X is the UK`s most popular CR system.



S2 SONOSCAPEThe S2 is the new colour Doppler from SonoScape. The S2 is suitable for small animal and equine ultrasonography. Robustly constructed and incorporating the latest imaging technology giving outstanding resolution, the S2 comes with 2 probes as standard and is unbeatable value, priced to suit all practice budgets



The S9 is the latest in the SonoScape range of ultrasound systems, and comes with the highest specification for cardiac work including stress echo, real-time 3D(4D) and high density probes required for the high frame rates and resolution. The latest touch screen technology allows fast image manipulation and flow. To see the very latest in ultrasound technology call CelticSMR on 0800 279 9050 and arrange a demonstration.