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Hitachi Supria CT

Hitachi’s latest CT technology is launched to the veterinary market with the Supria 16ch CT, giving outstanding image resolution in a compact design. Hitachi CT technology can improve veterinary diagnostic capability as well as drive practice business development.

  • Outstanding image resolution – Intelli IP, advanced technology to reduce noise and artefacts - providing outstanding image quality
  • High speed scanning – less than 1 second rotation with the latest 3D reconstruction algorithms - provides rapid coverage for precision imaging
  • Easy operation – user friendly graphical interface for fast workflows
  • Wide range of application packages for specialist requirements
  • Wide bore – 75cm gantry bore for large patients (large dog, equine extremities)
  • Compact design – small footprint, CT room only 2.8m x 4.3m
  • Flexible purchase packages from Hitachi capital to suit practice requirements
  • Hitachi aftersales support
  • 24 inch LCD monitor
  • DICOM compatible
  • Intelli IP (advanced)
  • IntelliEC (SD-mode)
  • Scanning time: 0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0 seconds
  • Gantry opening: 750mm
  • X-ray tube: 5 MHU
  • X-ray high voltage generator maximum output: 51kW
  • Maximum X-ray output: 48kW
  • Tube voltage: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140kV
  • Tube current: 10~400mA
  • Detector type: Solid state detector
  • Number of output channels along Z-axis: 16ch
  • Number of channels per row: 880ch
  • Number of elements: 28,160 elements (880ch x 32rows)
  • Detector width: 20mm (0.625mm x 32rows)
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