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Laser treatment for wound healing - Case Study

BREED: English Springer Spaniel
SEX: Female
AGE: 2 years
NAME: Maddie

Clinical case
Maddie was receiving laser therapy as part of post cruciate repair rehabilitation. During this laser treatment a mass was found on Maddie’s ventral neck. A FNAB of the mass was taken, which confirmed it was an abscess. Despite antibiotic treatment the mass did not resolve. The abscess was lanced and investigated under anaesthetic and an organic foreign body (7mm piece of wood) was removed. Due to the position of the wound a seroma formed which, despite bandaging and lancing, continued to grow. Laser therapy was then started to help reduce the swelling, treat any possible infection, and encourage wound healing.

The wound was kept clean and open to aid drainage. Maddie received MLS® laser treatments for 12 days, with the following protocols:

  • Day 1 to 8: Daily treatment – Protocol for “Edema 25cm2 (scan setting) and wound setting 3 points (point setting). The seroma was large and draining a large amount of serous fluid. (Picture 8/5/19)
  • Day 8 to 12: Every other day treatment - Edema 25cm2 (scan setting) and wound setting 3 points (point setting). The seroma had decreased in size and was only draining a small amount of fluid. (Picture 16/5/19)
  • Ongoing plan for Maddie is to reduce the laser sessions daily until the wound and small amount of swelling has completely resolved. (Picture 20/5/19)

The owner is very happy with the results and continues to use MLS® laser treatments to manage Maddie’s post op cruciate repair.

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